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This is my story... I was born in 1958 to 2 proud parents Mr. and Mrs. John Kane. Raised in the heart of Cleveland Ohio as Deborah C. Kane, that's me!  I Started my fashion career at age 14 working at Halle Brother's Department Store at Severance, as a fitting room assistant. I discovered my flare for fashion coordinating for the customers with their clothing selections, while they tried them on. I was quickly promoted to sales associate and worked their for several years. I later began a career as a freelance fragrance model and makeup artist for Y've St. Laurent, Clinque and Estee Lauder.  After many inquiries for help with fashion tips from friends and colleagues I later decided to become an entreprenuer and start my own company

"A Touch of Tiffany's" a fashion consultant business. One year while I shopping for clients on a buying trip in New York City  I met a gentleman there named Andre Lewis a custom jewelry designer who was also shopping for his business. He later became my business partner and husband we have worked together for over 2 decades and gave birth to D's Accessories and have been expanding our company together ever since.

Deb Lewis~

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Born in 1958 in New York, Andre Lewis Sr. I attended Art and Design School as a young man and majored in photography. While looking for a summer job the only job available was making Jewelry. I took the job and launched my  jewelry
career at age 17.  After starting as an apprentice I quickly worked my way to Top Designer then I went on to founding and running my own Jewelry Design Company
several years later. My Jewelry line was featured in a few major department store's, "J.C Penny''s, "Claire's Boutique" and "After Thought''s, just to name a few... After  meeting Deborah and partnering up with her. I later relocated to Cleveland Ohio where we became partners and later husband and wife. Once in Cleveland my
designs were exclusively featured in our store "A Touch of Tiffany's " a large Personal Boutique in Cleveland Heights OH. Suffering a great loss on my mothers passing I stopped designing for many years. A great renewal took place in my and October 2014 a new line of jewelry was born... "Jewelry In Motion"  which is exclusivey sold at D''s Accessories. This is my story!

Andre Lewis~


Women's Accessories Online
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